Saturday, June 12

Arapahoe Basin

This a a video clip that I filmed and edited when I was at Arapahoe Basin during closing week.

Photos to come soon!

Sunday, May 16

No Evil

No Evil, originally uploaded by T.Hitch Photography.

Let me know your thoughts!

Friday, April 23

A preview of things to come!

Me and a friend have begun to make a music video for a contest that The Classic Crime is putting on. We have been really busy with planning and filming. We have a really cool idea, and from what people have said, it is a good one! Here are a few shot of our actress, Amanda Johnson, and a look at what part of the video will look like.

The video is due on April 30, 2010. So expect the video to be on my youtube channel on or before that day! I will also let you know the day it goes up and, most likely, post it here.


Tuesday, March 30

Saturday, March 27

Albert Lea

I am Back in AL for spring break. I don't come home that often and some times I miss it, but for the most part I'm fine with not coming home. So many things have changed since I have been away. KFC is back, my church has lost both pastors, and the high school is a little more strict. All that said, I am glad to be back. I am going to the skate park today with my camera, hopefully some kids show up today, even though it is gray skies and rain is a big possibility.